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The Return Of The Long-Awaited Return Returns: Part II: The Return

2012-12-02 14:17:08 by SketchbookProtest

I've been dead to the NG creative community for some years now (for reasons completely unrelated to chronic masturbation), but I braved the nightmare of my subconscious once again, and consequently pulled this five-page one-shot from my arse. It's called There Goes Eternity, and it's a story of disaffected teenagers, existential dilemmas and chips.

You should totally go read it, and rate and review to make me feel better. It might almost make up for all the sleepless nights and empty days I'll never see again. Not that the collective indifference I'm used to will stop me from attempting my ultra-ambitious new project, aimed for release in early 2013. Until then:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

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The Return Of The Long-Awaited Return Returns: Part II: The Return


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2013-05-08 07:26:58

your username seems familiar...for some reason.

SketchbookProtest responds:

I feel like I'll have to change lest the plagiarism accusations start rolling in.