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Hammer & Fail 2 Hammer & Fail 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

New Eddsworld!

Loving the Parks and Rec reference :P

no tweens no tweens

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

that was pretty good!

while it was very basic, it shows you have lots of potential. you should defiantly continue with frame by frame, and continue without tweens. now all you have to do is add colour, sound, a plot (or you could do a plotless music video) and make it longer and you have a fine piece of animation!

Karttibone responds:

Yup will do that.

Story Time With Mohammed5 Story Time With Mohammed5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yes! Another new episode!

I loved the fact that this one had a theme song, but one thing I couldn't help notice is that sometimes you could see the white flash canvas sticking out at the edges of the screen. Apart from that, it was pure gold, and I can't wait for the next!

JunkYardAnimations responds:

haha thanks a lot, and I will keep in mind to make sure the white part doesn't show... that distracts me too when I see that shit

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Loop Hell Loop Hell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

live tweeting:

beginning - i feel nauseous and slightly full of pasta
Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut - I DO NOT LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING
i am not drinking that god damn ice nine btw
"crave profits?" i'm not gonna read this. yeah! good job, guy! (this is going to end so badly for me and literally everyone oh god. (btw i have been off ng because of mj paranoia conspiracy legit this is a really really rad dealing with reality bonus - i'll basically believe anything! i stopped punching things in games bc they bled too hard at me)
shit i scrolled too far down and i missed what he says at the top
my dad sent me an email about the house flooding what if its true and this life and the matrix are the real matrix? what is time? what is life?
missed out one, inside out happens, eve six ftw i'm a fucking pseud.
shit the dying plants shit i gave away ice nine. shit what if we all die shit i did it all in the wrong order and now i'm sad and alone just like in my head.
yeeeeee it all resets, swag this is just like when i wake up or get high. shit i forgot to read and now i'm going 1-4. shit i can't read.
shit heaven is a half pipe i'm all there is in the universe. i miss pot.
don't know if i should go for three or four so here's to four because it's the biggest.
dude i made the big plate a small plate and the small plate a big plate! maths is fun!
before i ice dry i gotta get the big plate together if i can't i'll get so scared i'll barf up a sad funeral wank
shit this game is so hard and boring i wanna give up it's been like a hundredfold hours or maybe more
literally stuck in a loop. what a prond.
ps... i woke up like this today.
pps that last part isn't true but i forgot what i was gonna say.
i did it wrong again. the best combo is obvs 2134 because love of many comes one or whatever idfk i'm not a wazord
dude i melted things!
ugh i can't do it! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! (ugh! ugh! ugh! for ocd sake)
i don't wanna put the leaf on the tree because i'm invested enough in brown hair (that's what i call him its ok i have brown hair) to make him my own. what if i killed the leaf with ice nines. i am so scared?
ok i couldn't get into heaven if i killed myself. i left the room this time. i don't want to know how it ends. also i pressed the button and it went full screen and i got scared

axoona responds:

LOL I had a great laugh :D
the main caracter must walk really, really slowly if you had time to live tweet!! ;)

Xenopunch Xenopunch

Rated 5 / 5 stars


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Tiny Heist Tiny Heist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i got so scared i peed my pants and threw up at the same time. my favourite part was the climax.

legit want to give a real review but i suck at videogames so i only got 2 screens in tops. fucking awesome though. it felt like rogue.

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All the Angels All the Angels

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

damn man, this is awesome. i just realised how incredible everything in the whole world is also spooky theramins are the best i wanna be friends with everyone on newgrounds it turns out i was the monster did you ever live n learn from sanix book 2?

that was really awesome we should collab except obviously i suck but dang man. way cool.
L (its a thumb up emoji)

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Sillytune responds:

"I was the monster" & "ever live in learn from sanix book 2"

I'm sorry bud, i just don't understand what you mean by that, care to explain :) ?

Thanks for the feedback btw, i'm glad that you like the song!

I'm up for a collab, let me know if you can play some kind of instrument or sing :)

Podcast #2 (medium fucking rare) Podcast #2 (medium fucking rare)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this is really well edited and the mic is very nice. trump is mean and i don't like him. what filter do u use to equalize?

VicariousE responds:

No file editing, though there was plenty in my mind while reading and riffing it out. Yeah Trump is a bit of a meany, but Hillary looked like she had a few white hot pokers roasting somewhere. Used a Blue Snowball that has 3 mics in it, used 2 for stereo, and oh my yeah, so should've used a filter, but I'd look ridiculous buying women's stockings to make a proper one. Also used Audacity to record, pretty sure I normalized the total volume, not so sure my noise cancelling (via sampling) worked. Mic itself was a bit overmodulated, my bad, learned on dials and sliders on the fly, back when it was more organic.

Boss Baby 3: From Bossy 2 Saucy Boss Baby 3: From Bossy 2 Saucy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

neat, i like the fuzzy finish it feels shoegaze but also nu-gaze and i am scared solid

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4cat responds:


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knightish knightish

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is phenomenal. the hands are really excellent. also it reminds me of ghouls 'n' ghosts which is the SHIT. they should do a new one or just shovel knight? i should play shovel knight but i can't go outside or have an exbox. sorry the ending to this review is unnecessary

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The Milkman The Milkman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

even milk isn't neutral anymore. i miss psychonauts. i pirated it once for laptop gameboys but it didn't worked.

(this is rad everything is super dope i think the fire could do something with it but honestly i would probably just fuck about with the photoshop smudge tool for 2 hours until it looked like the shadow realm in lord of the rings and your idea is better let's face it)

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Shells Shells

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this is beautiful. i guess it's digital on sketchbook pro or something? it's rad do you use colours or? i mean photoshops. i mean? art is cool. i like your drawining. sorry i am not even high it is just 5:42am and i am lying on the floor looking stupid. wow i just realised he was an animay man by clicking on the picture and making it bigger. neat. sorry what the fuck this is so dumb you are an amazing artist obviously i just don't have anything real to say.

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